I Want To Watch Game of Thrones Live

My question is, is there a good IPTV you guys recommend? or other alternative? I live in Europe, even using VPN can’t seem to do it legal way…

The Amazon WEB-DL will be out 10-15 minutes after it starts airing, and it’s far better quality than broadcast so you’re better off watching it at only a 15-20 min delay (depending on your download speeds).

Or you can muck about with some questionable IPTV services and watch the broadcast turned into a crappy IPTV stream that turns into a huge blocky mess, pauses, and drops out every 5 minutes…but I know which option I would pick.

I’ll probably go through this, have a very young kid and I’d wanna sleep early and ever since S1 I have get togethers for GOT where we are 5, 6 people watching it.

I’d opt for beast IPTV, while quite pricey at 15$ a month, it’s given me the best PQ by far as far as IPTV’s go and it’s more than reliable. I won’t change habits though and I’d still download the amazon rip right after and watch it from work via plex the next day with subs.

No HBO at all? In my country it’s called HBO GO and you can get the first month free. Not sure if they want credit card to sign up because I have free subscription from my mobile carrier but you should try a country where it’s available. If you want to pay most likely you will be able if you are from Europe with some European card.

I found these links whilst trying to find a way to “cast” them to kodi. Might be useful for some: https://www.reddit.com/r/LiveTvLinks/

Awesome find! If you have a Roku and a Windows 10 PC (would work with an Apple TV and Apple Product as well), I connect to a remote projector (my Roku) and set my screen to extend then throw a browser with a full screen stream on the TV (second monitor). Seems to work well.

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