Audio Must Have Software, Any Device Working

I’m sorry if this has been done before but I can’t shout about this stuff loudly enough:

For all your windows audio needs: Any audio stream can be re-routed to applications with inputs, duplicated, mixed on a very powerful and flexible console, which can also split outputs to multiple devices each with their own controls. You can work accross multiple PC’s. Or other devices. It works on IP, wifi, there are apps for Android and IOS, and there is the facility for integration with 3rd party plugins such as this eq. There’s a multitrack recorder / player with soundpads as well.

I was a fan because I had quite particular needs – and desires – that were well met, but the team keep upping their game in quite remarkable ways. The IP streaming and Hub look extremely impressive.

Anyone who streams, needs to look at this. Anyone who chats and does other things at the same time…. anyone with more than one audio device, or more than one audio app running at once, anyone with more than one PC or multi-room set-ups.

It’s all provided for FREE, the controls and operations are exactly those I would expect from pro-audio applications. And I think that’s amazing.

I’ve also been pointed in the direction of this Room EQ wizard, check it out.

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